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ပိူင်ထၢၼ်ႈ:လိၵ်ႈႁွမ်တွမ် ၸိူဝ်းၶဝ်ႈပႃးဝႆႉ ႁဵင်းၵွင်ႉတၢႆၽၢႆႇၼွၵ်ႈ

လုၵ်ႉတီႈ ဝီႇၶီႇဝွႆးဢဵတ်ႇꩡ် မႃး

This category contains articles that have been flagged as having at least one invalid external link. Typically these links are flagged via a bot that will add {{dead link}} next to the broken link.

To correct articles appearing in this category, enable the "ErrorHighlighter" gadget from your user preferences. After enabling the gadget, invalid links will display followed by a very noticeable "dead link" warning. Verify whether the link has changed, whether the target is invalid, or whether the link was incorrectly flagged and perform the appropriate fix:

  1. If the link is for a domain that no longer exists it should be replaced with a correct link or removed from the article. If the link is contained within a listing for a business that is no longer in operation then the listing should be removed from the article. In either case the {{dead link}} tag should also be removed.
  2. If the link is for a valid domain but the link path has changed - for example from http://www.example.com/old_link.html to http://www.example.com/new_link.html - update the link and remove the {{dead link}} tag.
  3. If the link is valid and was incorrectly tagged then remove the {{dead link}} tag and use the "edit summary" field to note that the link is valid.

To concentrate on cleaning up a particular region or country use Petscan. (substitute the first line of the category field for the area you wish to work on).

Articles should not be directly added to this category, instead invalid links should be tagged with {{dead link}} and they will be automatically added to the category.

See also Category:Articles with formerly dead external links for articles with links that were formerly flagged as dead links that have since come back to life, often as a result of domain sniping.